Chocolate Cheating Pudding Cake Recipe

You all know who visit here I am not a dessert making kinda guy. Well here is my cheating (no I didn't make from scratch cake dessert) chocolate pudding cake and hey we know many of us have gone to the supermarket take it out of the package and put it in a nicely presented bowl or plate trying to pass it off  like we cooked it (shssh I won't tell).  Well here is my dirty little secret, all store bought assembled and delicious! You ready?

1 Store bought bundt style Chocolate Cream Cake
1 large tub of non dairy whipped topping
2 packages of 4 little pudding cups chocolate fudge
tin pan  13x9

Slice the cake into thin slices and place the sliced cake making a layer on the bottom of the pan. Top with pudding spreading out 4 little cups of the pudding. Add another layer of thin sliced cake and then the last 4 pudding cups. Slather the top with whipped topping.
It's ready to serve. Oh and if you have a party going on try putting crushed candy bars on top for garnishing your kids and guests are going to love you, just find out what their favorite candy is first. It's always Reeses peanut butter cups here!  Enjoy!

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