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Greetings and a warm welcome to Curts Delectable Creations website. My name is Curt Iffert and the owner and operator of Curts Delectables Blog. I bring to your tables a variety of foods. Many passed down from my American Italian background. 

This is my beautiful family below as I am truly blessed beyond words with my beautiful wife Jennifer, my son Antonio and our latest addition Talia.

They bring me great joy and happiness and I love cooking for my family. I hope you will enjoy the culinary experiences I will give you as you sit in my kitchen with me around the globe. 

Becoming a Father has been the greatest experience and challenge thus far in my life. Creating recipes is a great passion of mine, as well as, my wife's. Cooking brings a calm into our home as you can imagine, having two babies running around and screaming can be rough at times to say the least. 

Thanks for stopping by,  
All my best,
Curt and Family 

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