Spinach Sausage Bolognese Tortellini Recipe Sunday Supper

Great Idea for some existing recipes this weekend! What a Sunday Supper!

This Sunday Mom was making her Spinach for dinner and I was going to make Tortellini with my Sunday sauce and Sausage. Well as you can see a new dish was born! We took all three and made one! Mild and Hot sausage meat browned and added to the traditional sunday sauce was the plan but then I figured lets make my bolognese sauce and mix it with the spinach! This is a got to taste recipe!

Curt Bolognese Sauce substituting all sausage

Mom's sauteed spinach recipe

( spinach recipe from +claudia lamascolo  
from @What's Cookin' Italian Style Cuisine)

Tortellini boiled to package instructions


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